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Md. Adnan Islam


Introducing Md. Adnan Islam, the CEO of Variation Communications Ltd. His expertise gained from 15 years of extensive involvement in the field of Marketing and Advertising Industry coupled with his solution centric, creative, and never give up attitude works to uphold the prestigious reputation of our agency. From the very inception of Variation Communications Ltd, Mr. Islam has been a guiding mentor to our employees, leveraging his comprehensive experience in the field of digital marketing.

Mr. Islam prioritizes planning and strategic execution and works closely with his clients to build a strong digital marketing strategy that compliments client company strategy and maximizes the impact of owned, paid and earned media. His foresight and visionary approach empower the team to elevate any given task to new heights, consistently surpassing expectations.

In addition to quality delivery, punctuality is a virtue that he holds in high regard. Mr. Islam’s commitment to meeting deadlines is unwavering. His determination and time management skills ensure that every project is completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, enabling our clients to achieve their marketing objectives promptly. His professionalism extends beyond project delivery, as he actively fosters strong and enduring relationships with our clients. Our CEO understands that maintaining a positive rapport is a key aspect of business, and he strives to cultivate an environment of trust and mutual respect.

Maintaining strong relationships with clients is at the heart our CEO’s philosophy. He understands that by building lasting partnerships based on trust, transparency, and effective communication, we can deliver exceptional results and ensure client satisfaction. His personable nature and dedication to understanding the unique needs of each client enable him to tailor our services and provide optimal solutions.

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